About Kimberly

Kim provides presentations focused on defining your legacy. Every time a person interacts with someone, they leave a bit of themselves behind. Just like ripples in the water, that form when the water is touched — even by the lightest touch of wind, your words and actions spread around you.

As a young adult, Kim lost a brother from chronic asthma. As a child, she was angry because her brother received so much attention. As an adult, her only daughter faced a brain tumor. Suddenly, Kim understood what her parents went through. Again as a grandma, her family faced having a two year old granddaughter diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Despite challenges, Kim can help those facing the ultimate challenges in life, face fears, concerns, struggles and stress and come out on top.

Kim understands that friends and family are well-meaning, but often do not understand how to help. Kim helps those on both sides of story understand each other and how to leave a wonderful, fulfilling legacy. Kim understands that unique perspective of a sibling of a chronically ill sibling and what they face.

Kim is a Certified World Class Speaking Coach and Distinguished Toastmaster. Her former career was as an Architecture Analyst, responsible for setting the strategic software direction for one of the industry leaders in Retirement Plan Processing. For 19 years, she led projects, held brainstorming meetings, facilitated meetings, provided industry and technical training, and built solid teams. In a technical world, it is critical to understand what analytical thinkers need in presentations.

Kim is also a servant leader. Currently, she is the Immediate Past District Governor in Toastmasters International for western Missouri and Kansas. Her District, District 22,  achieved Select Distinguished status, placing them 28 of the 92 districts in the world. The year before they were dead last. She understands how to build successful teams. She also present in workshops and keynotes on a frequent basis delivering and sharing confidence in communications and leadership.

She is also active in the National Speech and Debate Association, formerly the National Forensics League, a high school honor society for speakers and debaters.  Working with high school students is one of the most fulfilling aspects of her life.

Kimberly is available for:

Presentation Coaching - personalized coaching for powerful, impactful presentations.
Seminars | Workshops – helping groups to achieve success in communication, productivity and leadership.
Keynotes - high impact, motivational presentation setting the tone for the event.
Conference Breakout Sessions –  high impact presentation style with motivation, inspiration and fun.



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